Saturday, 10 March 2012


I've been signed up to Pinterest for a while, but I'm only just figuring out how it actually works. I particularly like how straightforward it makes sharing images, so I don't find myself worrying about the best way cite them (although I guess you don't exactly have to follow MHRA guidelines on this one).

I thought I'd used my new-found Pinterest skillz to share some of the hacks on Ikea's 'Lack' range. Like the items themselves, these customisations are everywhere. There's even a website dedicated to sharing the innovative ways in which people have altered theirs. We've got the coffee table version, although we use it as more of a 'media centre'/sideboard. I'm not trying to push this as the world's worst hack, I'm just letting you know what we do with ours. So.

The table definitely serves its purpose, but it's so beige! So vanilla! So pale it almost disappears into the wall! I'd really love to paint it red so it stands out a bit more and I reckon it would go well with the dark wood furniture we've got. Apparently, other people have been far more imaginative with theirs though.

Source: via Nicola on Pinterest

This one uses printed textiles and castors. Wheely imaginative!

This little Lack was covered in an old shower curtain! The copper colours look ace. Water brilliant idea!

I think this one's my favourite - they've created loads of multicoloured, horizontal lines using washi tape. It certainly s-tickles my fancy!

Enough puns. For a few more, clicky!

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