Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I was saving this for a time when I hadn't previously posted about food, but I haven't finished the thing I was planning about five lady singers (maybe next time) and I haven't posted in about a month and also I changed the blog layout slightly so I thought I'd celebrate and bring you BAGEL PIZZA!

But is it a bagel? Is it a pizza?

It's both. 

These are my favourite snacky tea/exciting lunch. They're dead simple to make, so I almost feel a bit silly posting them, but they're so tasty that I couldn't resist.

They also take hardly any time to make and did I mention they're delicious. The first time I made these I spent the next three days telling everyone about how amazing they were. Bagels work really well as a base because they're doughy but also chewy but still toasty. Buying buffalo mozzarella makes the whole thing feel a little bit more fancy.


No pressure.

Bagel Pizzas
(aka Pizza Bagels)

Mozzarella, shredded
Tomato purée
Salt & Pepper

☞ Slice and toast the bagels (in a toaster)
☞ Peel a garlic clove or two and rub onto the sliced side of the now toasted bagels
☞ Spread with tomato purée and top with the mozzarella, à la picture number 2
☞ Season with salt and pepper and scatter with oregano
☞ Place under the grill until the cheese has melted. Be careful not to burn them like I did. 
☞ Remove from the grill. Eat!


  1. Ha, this is such a good idea. I love bagels, I love pizza - what's not to love about pizza bagels?

    1. Two delicious things at once, same as those browniecookies you made the other week. I meant to say - they looked amaaaazing!